About us

Ayservice manages and / or advises small, privately owned hotels and conceives round trips, which are accomplished somewhat differently.

Showing exessive commitment: Stefan Eiselt, computer scientist from Munich (in his rare free time) implements the website and manages the technical infrastructure. Bernd Slotta, stylist from Hamburg takes care of the furnishing and individual design of each hotel. Dirk Schäfer, tourism expert from Munich and Ayurveda consultant for different companies, Klaus Paucke, who comes from the accounts payable management and the team of ayservice and their families.

Information should be transmitted. A lot of people have given their input here. We like what we do and it shows – hopefully.

Contact us by calling +94-716610100 (089 55269751 from germany) or sending an email to info@ayservice.info or via our contact form.


Inovation. Motivation. Motion

We do not really believe in tradition to be transferred 100% to modern times. Medical success is innovation. We believe in doctors being familiar with the stress factors of the years 2000 + and creating cures of today, based on ancient experience.

However, without motivated staff, there will be no achievements and we do believe in the duty to develop high standards for those hotels we are cooperating with. Intensive quality control, but also a common cultural understanding, is a MUST.