Online ayurvedic medical consultations

From February 1st, 2021, we will be offering the opportunity to get advice from "your" Ayurveda doctor online - via the Internet. Due to the still existing entry regulations, it is unfortunately not possible for all interested parties to start a residency in Sri Lanka at the desired time. We know, of course, that the health shoe continues to pinch, and many Ayurveda guests trust "their" doctor at least as much as they trust the "western" family doctor.

We thought about how we can give patients and doctors a helping hand in order to maintain a minimum of communication. For this reason, we have created the option of having a consultation via video / audio.

make an appointment

Please click on one of the links below. You will be guided through the appointment request and you will receive a confirmation of the requested appointment. A telephone consultation costs EUR 60 per hour. Following a consultation, based on trust.

You can contact us by phone at any time in advance to obtain relevant information, explanations and technical assistance: +49-89-55962751. An invoice is issued after a technically perfect, satisfactory date. If someone refuses to pay, there is nothing we can do about it. We are happy to take the risk.

We would like to keep in contact with you and hope that appointments will be kept. Dr. Honey & amp; Dr. Thillini would like it, and our doctors would be happy if as many interested people as possible take advantage of the offer.

  • Dr. Honey
  • Dr. Thillini
Ayurveda auf Sri Lanka, Dr. Honey Raj Kuruvila

Dr. Honey Raj Kuruvila

Dr. Honey is a native Keralite, studied in Kerala / India, in the Ayurveda resorts Estuary, Krishnatheeram & amp; Kadaltheeram in Kerala demonstrated his skills and was invited by ayservice to consult on Sri Lanka. DR. Honey is with Dr. Daisy marries and masters both his twins and difficult patients with flying colors. Dr. Honey is an & quot; all-rounder & quot; with special attention to cardiological and neurological complaints.

Ayurveda auf Sri Lanka, Dr. Thillini Bandara

Dr. Thillini Bandara

Dr. Honey is a native of Keralite. In Kerala / India, Dr. Thillini is the right hand man of Dr. Honey and joined ayservice after graduation. The committed doctor is married and has previously practiced Ayurveda Escapes in Mangrove, now mainly in Lake Escapes.
Together with Dr. Asoka is particularly responsible for pharmaceuticals, women's ailments & amp; internal Medicine.